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Professional Scissor Sharpening

Precision Hair Scissor Sharpening is an Art Form.

Unlike sharpening knives or household scissors, hair scissors take vastly more time and refinement. Almost any scissor found in the home can easily work with a quick pass on a bench grinder.scissorsharpener_144

Hair scissors sharpening is a multi-step process of establishing an edge then refining it with finer and finer abrasives until the final honing process, which further refines and polishes the outer edge.

However the inner edge must also be established and refined. This is the hardest part and when many would-be sharpeners fall off the map. The ultimate goal is a inner edge, which is refined, flat, and properly referenced to the other inside edge. No burr can remain as well.

This scissor sharpening process is time consuming and cannot be eliminated. It can be minimized, but not eliminated.

How is Jim Pope’s Shear Sharpening Better?

*Jim delivers the best shear sharpness, durability, and cutting feel available in the salon industry.

*Jim strives to deliver an edge that is as close to new as possible – every time.

RapidEdge – patented control arm ensures an exact and consistent blade angle – from the shear’s pivot to the tip, from one blade to the other, and from one sharpening to the next.

*The inside face of each shear blade is professionally hand-honed every time.

*Shears are completely disassembled, cleaned, adjusted, and oiled.

*Water-cooling during sharpening protects shears from possible heat damage.

*All work is fully guaranteed.

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